Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exclusive interview with Fenriz of Darkthrone!

My old buddy Rammy has an exclusive interview with Fenriz of Darkthrone! This was Rammy's 1st interview since stopping Kemenyan fanzine in 2006.

Wow, real in depth interview from Fenriz - he talks about Darkthrone (obviously), life, musical tastes, years of the Underground scene and Michael Jackson!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Belphegor completes work on new album


Wow, another Belphegor album in the works....

Austrian blackened death metal outfit BELPHEGOR have completed their work on the eighth full-length studio album, Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn, due later this year via Nuclear Blast Records.

Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn was recorded at Andy Classen's (LEGION OF THE DAMNED, DEW-SCENTED, NEAERA, ASPHYX) Stage One Studios in Kassel, Germany.

Commented frontman Helmuth:
"With these nine compositions/arrangements, we continue to piss on the damn mainstream. It's BELPHEGOR to the highest; the hymns are extremely varied, more intense and epic than ever, [and] there are new elements and structures added. Also, we used some haunting samples here and there, to give the album a cold and ritualistic feel."

He continued...
"On Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn, you will hear my most fucked up vocals to date; also the lyrical content is offensive and insane. The witch/devil concept is amazing to work with and we used alot of original chants/ incantations from archaic scripts."

BELPHEGOR has tapped Brazilian artist Marcelo Hvc to handle the graphics for the new album. Marcelo has already begun working on the cover art and "some magickal images," according to a press reelase.

Added Serpenth:
"The idea is to capture the okkultic orgiastic processions from the Broken Mountain, the Walpurgis night in the images."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dedikasi kepada para ibu-bapa

Huh, sungguh x sangka susah benar nak membesarkan anak-anak ni. Kami anak 2 orang pun dah rasa jenuh dah ni. Tambah-tambah lagi orang yg anak lebih....

Baru la aku tau betapa susahnya mak bapak aku membela & membesarkan kami 3 beranak.

Sungguh seronok melihat gelagat anak-anak dan semua milestones yg dicapai, tapi ada juga time time tension dengan anak2 yg manja, susah nak tidoq, kacau adik & teriak yg sungguh ngilu!

Posting ni aku dedikasikan kepada para ibubapa, x kira la anak dah tua ka atau baru lahir. Ya Allah, tingkatkanla tahap kesabaran kami & keimanan kami dalam membesarkan anak2 kami. Amin

Selamat menempuh alam ke-ibubapaan.

Kepada mama & ayah aku - sekarang baru aku faham... hehehe