Thursday, April 29, 2010

News in brief

Dah lama aku tak update blog. Perasaan malas dan sebagainya menghantui diri, tapi aku byk idea/benda nak tulis dlm blog, tapi masa tak mengizinkan. Review Decapitated punya gig pun x buat2 lagi. Lepas exam kot aku cuba buat.

Exam aku dah semakin hampir, lagi 2 minggu. Specialist exam, rasa macam dah study abis, tapi ntahla, takut maaaa... Aku tulis entry ni time kat hospital.

Semalam aku dgn beberapa org Hamilton lain ada membuat persembahan sedikit bg meraikan Sasterawan Negara, Prof Muhammad Haji Salleh. Beliau datang bersama isteri kerana dijemput oleh Waikato Uni untuk memberi talk mengenai sastera Melayu. Main lagu Siti Nur Haliza 2 buah - Cindai dan lagu duet dgn SM Salim tu dan lagu Tanya Sama itu Hud-Hud dan lagu Doa untuk Kekasih. Berterabur jugak main sbb practise gile sekejap, hari Isnin mlm baru practise! Tapi ok la, everybody terhibur di samping bacaan sajak oleh Prof, Prof John (omputih nye lecturer yg bleh ckp melayu) dan Nani. Aliya pulak jatuh stage, lebam kepala tapi naik balik nak duduk sebelah Daddy kat stage. Kesian. Fid ckp lepas ni kalau ada apa2 formal function kami mebe akan dikerah untuk perform! hahahah

On another note, Metallica has confirmed to come to NZ bulan 10 nanti, Oct 13. Aku penah tgk Metallica kat Dublin dulu, tahun 2006. Masa festival apa ntah aku pun x igt daaaa. Time tu 20th Anniversay Master of Puppets, depa main 1 album full! Damn, mmg best time tu. Pehtu pulak, anak James punya birthday, dia bawak kluar anak dia dan mintak fans nyanyi Happy Birthday utk dia. Sweet. hehehe

Tak pasti aku nak p tgk ke tak kali ni. Main kat Vector Arena, lagi besar dari tempat Iron Maiden dulu tu. Lagi 1, nak pergi dgn sapa? Aku malas nak pegi sorang2, semlm ada la tanya anak family buat PhD kat sini, tapi x tau la parents dia bg pi or not... hehehehe tgk la camna.

Another note: aku telah masuk ballot untuk beli tiket Rugby World Cup 2011! Ballot sebab x confirm dpt tiket ke tidak, kena tunggu dulu. Aku x la minat rugby sgt, tapi memandangkan akan berlangsung kat Hamilton dan All Blacks akan bermain, so register la. 3 games - All Blacks vs Asia, dan 2 Wales games vs Samoa/Fiji. 2 adults & 2 kids = $610 NZD. Tengok la dapat ke dak, bln 6 baru tau berjaya ke tidak.

Ok, nanti aku buat la review gig dan ada some cd's aku dapat dari Rammy, Diken dan Yen serta cds aku beli dari Metal Zone Distro. Ada masa lepas xm aku buat.

Doakan kejayaan aku!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


By: Lutfie

5 April 2010.
Pretty much aku boleh cop show ni sebagai antara show paling brutal yang pernah aku pergi selama duduk kat Australia. Dengan line-up paling brutal seperti tajuk di atas, aku tak komplen banyak for a price of $80. It was insane!
Show bermula tepat 7.30 malam, as written on the ticket with Origin first on the bill. Lepas diner pizza kat pizza house(that is the metal diet FYI, not effing nasi goreng etc.) terus menuju ke venue dengan member Malaysian aku Rodziq, who is a fan of modern metal.

This band kicked massive ass. Seriously, they drove the crowd totally insane. A really damn good start and warm up to a really intense show that night. Total death metal(we are not including any underground death metal here, nor oldschool).
Walaupun technical death metal isn’t really my thing, but live performance of ORIGIN really kicked my ass. Sheer brutality through the amps, trigger loaded bass drums, non-stop blasbeats just made my head explode .Actually that was more of an exaggeration, hehe. ORIGIN main agak lama aku rasa, enough to make me feel so warmed-up, which is the only feeling I can get out of a solo-headlining show but this time no local supports that idles it.
Antara benda paling eye-catching pada aku about ORIGIN adalah bassist diorang. Total precise, no bullshit impromptu notes, played so intense that aku rasa tali bass tu akan putus one by one. Vocalist pun demonic (new vocalist after the fat, bald guy.I think he was the former vocalist in The Faceless), drummer(John Longstreth) was very precise, blasting and super damn fast, ‘I betcha can’t play like him’. Namun, aku terperasan masa lagu second last drummer terlepas drumstick, hehe, but he was too good to make that looks silly, instead his skills in improvising his drumming. At the end, aku rasa set Origin agak lama nak bandingkan dengan set band-band lain.They run about an hour, which caused me to warm-up pretty quick. On the other note, aku paling suka gig-gig di Aussie ni sebab sound mixing sangat professional. I have never been so disappointed when I walked out of a show.

Next up were MISERY INDEX, there is nothing much I can argue about their performance, not saying that I am not a big fan of them, but because they played for 40 minutes, I was utterly unsatisfied. Stuff diorang ni sangat catchy, grind+death. Really good stuff. Sparky (second guitarist) yang sampai lambat ke venue agak gelabah masa setup gitar BC Rich beliau, tapi bila dah nama pro, setup kejap je, tak payah lama-lama, and with provision of good sound mix by the PA themselves, everything was superb. MISERY INDEX agak terlambat dalam 8 minit gara-gara Sparky dan itu maybe antara sebab kenapa aku rasa set diorang sangat kejap.
Sejak mula-mula aku kenal MISERY INDEX, I have always been amazed by the Drummer, Adam Jarvis who is a beast at what he is doing. Dia ni kalau beat punya gila, aku rasa boleh pecah cymbal, toms and the whole drum kit, I mean you should witness yourself, he played as if he didn’t realize his kit is all triggered! Apart from that, all went really smooth, super tight performance by them. Aku rasa they hardly played any stuff from their infamous split with MUMAKIL. I screamed few times to them to play ‘49 Seconds of Hate’, but it was all useless, heh. And yeah I was right up at the front row during MISERY INDEX’s set. Below is a video of them playing the first 2 songs on ‘Traitors’ album. I remember them correctly as this is pretty much the best album of these fellas. Oh yea by the way, I met Sparky and the other guitarist when I was on my way out to my bike after the show, they were really cool and hilarious( yea, mumbling ‘brootal’ and ‘metulz ‘on every shot is hilarious).

Sparky Voyles(Misery Index), author and Mark Kloeppel(Misery Index)

Next up were OZ metal legends(new breed), PSYCROPTIC with ‘OZ metal banner’ they bring on each shoulder of the members(This is a metaphor, ahem), they much the most trigger loaded band of that night. I mean seriously so fully-loaded of trigger especially the drums, I can feel my head almost exploded due to intensity.I was only on the second row of the crowd, and my chest and head are throbbing so hard. The guitarist seemed like he just got back from work to play this show, with his kemeja on, and slacks.LOL. Again, the most brutal part I can witness was the drummer, with all the speed, flying hands and blasting bass drums.
Actually I am not a big fan of Psycroptic, beberapa attempt to get into them had failed miserably. I don’t know exactly why, but these trendsetter of technical death metal OZ style is just magnificent. I am not surprised to hear them succeeded themselves going overseas, playing with other massive death metal acts around the world, like Summer Slaughter, and some other European tours to name a few festivals.

I was totally worn out during DECAPITATED due to excessive headbanging during the first 2 bands who were insanely insane. Getting to stand right up front was a big risk, getting nudged in your head, pushed to the edge of the stage by the mosh kids behind your back and all that, but I risk them all just to witness these phenomenal modern death metal pioneers.
The new line up of DECAPITATED was great. With Krimh replacing Vitek(RIP), he is the relentless gun of this band. The new vocalist did not really amaze me much, but he is alright. Going through the set list, they have pretty big mix of the latest album and one song or 2 from the old albums.I expected more stuff coming out from Winds of Creation or Nihility but whatever, they put on a really intense show.
Oh ya, I also noticed Krimh was the only member of the band who set up his kit himself. Others had assistants to help them do the job setting up guitars and bass.

Another thing that I noticed was ; ‘From pain to strength’ was DECAPITATED's motto for this whole tour. To me it was obvious enough how that applied to DECAPITATED, who came back from the pain they had after an accident few years back. Still this show put a notion that these motherfuckers still had the guts to rip our heads apart that night.

DECAPITATED’s set went for an hour, with no encore (sadface). I got a souvenir from Krimh, a bottle of mineral water. Haha that is probably no really a worth knowing fact of the night but it means a lot to me. Yeah , I was kind of excited.
Overall, it was a brutal night of death metal. I seriously had too much of it.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pengaruh Black Metal dalam permainnan kanak-kanak

Penat dan bengang telinga aku lepas semlman dgn 4 bands brutal/technical death metal. Nanti aku buat full review. Semlm pulak ulang tahun kelahiran aku yg ke 31. Tak buat apa pu, just lepak dgn family saja.

Pagi tadi lepas sarapan aku dok vacuum rumah - selalu jugak la aku buat kerja rumah, suami mithali, betui dak sayang? hehehehe

Sambil dok kutip mainan anak2 atas lantai, nampak la ini star. Set permainan kayu yg boleh stack & ada shape sorter.

Terkujat aku tgk star ni!! Hampa semua tgk:

Bintang lima bucu terbalik! Ni pentagram ni! Nasib gambo lembu... ka kambing tu?? hahahahhaa