Saturday, November 26, 2011


The Wiggles were a band Aiman used to love and so did we! They are a band from Australia and sing about children's songs. Our first encounter was when Aiman was at Lollipops, Toot toot Chugga chugga big red car is one catchy song and so are a lot of the others. Aiman adored the Wiggles and EVERY TIME we were in the care, it was Wiggle Time! No other songs in the car apart from Wiggles! They teach kids about health, eating and having fun. Have a listen to this:

Now Aiman denies the fact that he even liked the Wiggles. He's into Ben 10 & the likes at his ripe old age of 5...

I was browsing Yahoo I think when I came across a covers album of the Wiggles performed by Australian artists called ReWiggled. I have downloaded it from the pirate bay and boy, it's good! The same song above is covered by Oh Mercy. Very cool sound:

Nice..... How fast are our kids growing up these days....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greetings metalheads!

We have a VERY special gift for you today - a FREE download of Savage Messiah's brand new album, "Plague Of Conscience"!

We just couldn't wait for the world to hear this incredible new release from the British shred-heavy modern-day metallers, so we've decided to let you all have it now, completely free!

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"Plague Of Conscience" is available to all and is yours to keep forever, so go ahead and download the album, pass it on to your friends, share a review, and enjoy the ten ripping tracks of world-class metal from one of the UK's top bands to watch for 2012!

Savage Messiah frontman David Silver has recorded a video message for the fans to announce the amazing news.  Check it out at

"Plague Of Conscience" is due to be released on CD and LP in early 2012, so stay tuned for more news and information!

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Enjoy the free album!!!