Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bye bye windows mobile 6.5

HTC Touch Pro vs Iphone 5 taken by Ipod Touch 4th Gen

So after nearly 3 years of using my HTC Touch Pro I've made the plunge to ios. I have seen the light!

Before this I was against the fruit company but it all started with the ipod 4th gen that we bought for the kids. Since then I bought the Ipad 2, an Imac 27" and now, the Iphone 5. My wife might be getting an Ipad mini as well!

In this day and age, I'm just looking for something that just works out of the box. My days of building a PC and tinkering with windows mobile, installing new ROMs and overclocking are over. It was fun while it lasted

I wasn't into Android despite telling my wife to buy the HTC Desire Z. It's just that there are too many android phones and tablets ranging from top end to low end. It seems still experimental to me.

The only problem is that with Apple products, you kinda feel tempted to upgrade once a new product comes out! Hopefully the iphone 5 can last me at least 3 years!

By the way this was typed on the ip5 using the blogger app and added the picture on my mac