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Zubirun - Ye Iblis Kingdoms In The Arayakans

This interview was featured in the 3rd issue of Thanatopsis Zine way back in 1996. This band is quite known in the Malaysian scene after the release of their demo Y.I.K.I.T.A. They have also released a promotape, I've heard it from a friend but forgot what was it like, but I remember I liked it though!! I think it was something about Hinduism? No current news on this band. I guess with all bands of the Underground, they just fade into the underground. If anybody has their demo tapes, please convert to mp3s and share. They've released an EP called Maximum Hell Overdose in 2002 which I vaguely remember but haven't heard.

Ave! What's the latest news from Zubirun now? Any line-up changes since the release of the demo?
Salutem! Now we are waiting to release our 2nd demo, only the cover part is still in process. Since the release of Y.I.K.I.T.A now we are reduced toa 3 piece band, our basist KABAR and our lead vocals, SBS had left the band for several reasons. Now for 1997, Zubirunian's are MABMS (drums), SHBS (bass/vox) and a new member SABMH (guitar)

Zubirun plays Sado Black Metal. How does it differ from other styles of Black Metal like Occult Black Metal and Unholy Black Metal?
We play SBM on our 1st demo. The difference is that SBM is fast, aggresive and violent than any other kind of Black Metal, that's from my opinion. But you know it's only a label, all kinds of Black Metal is Black Metal. It's only a gimmick.

I do agree with you. Tell us about your demo. How was the overall response? Are you satisfied with it?
Our demo was recorded in 1995, contains 4 songs plus intro and outro. The overall response was quite good, cool, and I'm satisfied with it.

Your intro seems to be a little strange, where did you get it? How about the outro, why did you did it like that?
Mmm people said our intro was a little strange... Hah... hah... I got it from tv sometime ago. Outro... It's a story of our employer that always wants to destroy us (Faham ke maksudnya?)

Tak faham!!! Please tell us about P.S.P and P.S.P Management. Which is important to you?
P.S.P is a zine that only interviews Malaysian U/G zine editors. Bands can also appear but for review only. P.S.P Managemement only distributes P.S.P zine and Zubirun. The most important to me is P.S.P. Management coz without it Zubirun and P.S.P zine tak wujud (not exist)

Do you think the M'sian U/G scene is getting better? You know bands making demos in studios with tracks not just using plain Walkmans, zine with computer layout, no more using a rusty typewriter?
M'sian U/G scene is getting better and better.

You bet!!! What do you think about the future of the M'sian U/G scene? Will it be over-exploited in the media and a government ban? Will it survive and go into the cyber age with Ezines, homepages and other high-tech gadgets?
50-50. If the government bans this kind of music, it means our U/G scene will slowly rot. But if it's OK our U/G scene will get into the cyber age as overseas.

Does the lyrics play a vital role as the music? Who does the lyrics and where does his inspirations come from? Is it good to print lyrics on the cassette cover?
Yes, in our lat demo, our vocalist, SBS did all the lyrics and it came from his brain, maybe he's got a lot of ideas coz he's a bookworm (Not like me-Ed) In our upcoming releases, I will do all the lyrics based on my mind and books. It depends whether they want to expose their lyrics.

I really get annoyed with no lyrics!! What are the songs on your demo about? Please tell us from 100 Syllabe Mantra to Vanaprastha.
It's all about ancient story of Buddism, Hinduism and Malay Mysticsm. I don't know much about it coz our x-vocalist did all the lyrics and only he understands what the lyrics about-Sorry.

• Now bands like As-Sahar, Sil-Khannaz and Langsuir are doing Malay lyrics. Will Zubirun turn to do this? What's your opinion?
Hah...who said that we want to be like them? Before they released their Malay material, listen carefully to 'Anbe Muruga' you'll find a complete Malay song... 'Muka bujur daun sireh...dahi sehari bulan... etc etc' We won't follow their steps... Blackfire is our inspiration. All of the bands that you mentioned are good bands and got a strong name in our U/G scene, so what can I say? All of them are already great bands.

Is corpse paint, spikes, inverted crosses and pentagrams really important in black metal? Do you agree with it? How about other satanic stuff?
No comment. For me as a Malay all of this is only a gimmick, no more than that.

What in your opinion is the most promising band + zine in the M'sian scene? Why do they deserve your recognition?
Bands - Brain Dead, Heloisa, Athotorgh, Langsuir, Hayagriva, Talisman, Sil-Khannaz and Cryptic Malediction
Zines - Karakatuar, Thy Unholy Abyss (R.I.P-Ed), Angel from Hell, Mortal Flames, Upanishad (Hail Azil and Ruslan!!!-Ed) and Clewone (R.I.P? but Hail Syaiful + North Poem Recs!!-Ed).
I like them because they have their own originality and style.

Upcoming visions for Zubirun?
Only time should tell what will happen.

Your last closing Incantation...
Thanx for interviewing Zubirun. Selamat

• What do you think? I haven't contacted them for a long time, anybody has news about them, contact me. Their address :

P.S.P Management
133, Jln Tmn Long Jaafar
Fasa 3, Tmn Long Jaafar
Kampung Boyan
34000 Taiping
Perak, Malaysia

Deicide - 'Til Death Do Us Part NZ Tour

Known the world over as one of the founding fathers of death metal, Deicide stand strong to this day as one of the most influential and controversial metal bands ever. With a relentlessly brutal sound and uncompromisingly blasphemous lyrics, Deicide helped set the standards for Death Metal well over a decade ago and have maintained those standards ever since.

In March 2008 Deicide faced yet more controversy when a magazine revealed a leaked playlist of music that had been used to torture detainees, number one being the band's 'F*ck Your God'. Steve Asheim was quoted as saying that he was glad they could do their part for the troops and was glad Deicide were able to contribute.

Deicide have battled through numerous protests, accusations and line-up changes, and yet remained true to the music and their fans. Despite their problems, Deicide are still triumphing as a band, with music and live performances that continue to draw in ecstatic reactions from their rabid fanbase.

Deicide return to New Zealand in April 2009 for what could quite possibly be the final time. With a new album under their belt in 'Til Death Do Us Part' Deicide continue to deliver some of the most brutal, evil & satanic death metal on this god forsaken planet.

This gig has actually been postponed to Friday, 2nd October 2009 due to conflicts with the bands recording itinerary under their new label arrangements with Century Media. I can't go to this gig, because I have my Part 1 examinations the following week. Again, I have seen them in Dublin, some years back. The inverted cross over Glen's forehead was not really noticable then, guess he's not branded himself for a while.
Blacktooth (not bluetooth!) I saw when they played with Psycroptic/Dawn of Azazel. Not really my cuppa, but still worthy Death metal. I met the vocalist before the gig and he 'pau'ed me my Sempoerna hijau. Said he loved Gudang Garam but can't find it in NZ.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm definitely going to see Morbid Angel on 30/5/09!

I've just bought my ticket for Morbid Angel from! Can't wait to go! This saturday we are planning to go to Auckland anyway because we're meeting up with Fid's online aquaintance who's coming to NZ on Sunday with her family for a holiday - driving a camper van. What's more kiwi than that? So we're travelling from Hamilton in the morning and will do some shopping - we are going to Botany Town Centre, never been there before, but seems big!

We're gonna stay at a hotel which according to Google maps is only about 400m away! Brilliant!

Any Malaysian Kiwis (Auckland Uni students?) reading this, drop me a comment/shoutout, maybe we can meet up?

One thing that annoyed me was my printer ran out of ink! This is what happens when you buy a printer and not use it for the last few months! Will print off the ticket at the hospital. So hi-tech now - etickets or show them at the door your mobile phone with internet capabilities as mentioned on undertheradar site. Damn

Transmission Room here I come!!

Since this is an e-ticket, had to cross off my name & the bar code.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kisah Iron Maiden Flight 666

Iron Maiden - Flight 666 Special Edition

Setelah membaca kat krenmautyg Abg Ben dah membeli DVD special edition Flight 666, petang tadi aku pun pergi la JBHifi mencarinya.

Cari dekat music DVD's x de pun, yg ada A Real Dead One dan The Early Years (bootleg?).

So aku pun pergi la tanya dekat awek kat kaunter tu. Dia mcm x tau apa2 jer, so panggil la mamat jaga DVD section. Datang la mamat ni, dia cakap release tuesday.

Aku pun tanya la, which version are you guys selling. "Jap", dia cakap, bawak aku ke pintu stor kat belakang. Rupanya dia pergi tanya sorang lagi member dia dlm store tu. Looks like a fan. Dia pun datang keluar bawak 3 DVD.

"This is the Blu-ray edition, this is standard & this is special edition. Not too sure what's the difference." Dia ckp stuff sama je dua-dua ni. Aku pun dgn bangganya ckp SE ada booklet (tu pun aku tau sbb baca posting kat krenmaut! Thanks Abg Ben...) Depa dah siap letak harga lagi... $34 NZD.

"Can you sell it to me now?" Aku tanya. "Sorry mate, no can do. It's not officially released till monday". Hampeh. At least monday, not tuesday yg mamat awal tadi ckp. Lepas tu, aku beredar ke Pumpkin Patch sebab anak2 & bini ada sana.

Jadi, kena la tunggu monday ni nak beli Flight 666 Special Edition.

Abg Ben aku rasa, depa jual kat hang awal ni. Takkan lain date Aus/NZ?

Varg Vickernes aka Count Grishnackh is free!

Count Grishnack era Black Metal Burzum

Never thought I'd see the day that Cunt Krishna (what the Mayhem hordes called him! hehe) is out of prison. I thought he just stole a Volvo with some guns and would kill some people in Norway. Yes that was true, but that was back in 2003. Only 5-6 years ago. Now it seems he's ready to be released from prison and live a normal life with his French wife and son. 16 years for murder of Euronymous, church burnings and attemped escape/grand theft auto/guns without permit. Norway seems cool!! Hehehe.


I liked his music though, early stuff not the ambient shit he did while in prison, from Filosefem onwards. The old Burzum shreds, like Aske EP, which was sold as Feeble Screams from Forrest Unknown if I remember correctly.

This is actually Dead who is dead and apparently Euronymous ate his brain and used a piece of skull for a necklace

Varg Vikernes (a.k.a. Count Grishnackh), the former BURZUM mastermind who was convicted of murdering MAYHEM guitarist Oystein Aarseth (a.k.a. Euronymous) in August 1993 and setting fire to three churches, is a free man.

"I can confirm that I have been released from prison," Vikernes told Norway's Dagbladet.

News from Blabbermouth via Dagbladet

Morbid Angel - Australia & NZ tour poster

I was browsing the Morbid Angel site and came across the official poster of the Aus/NZ tour. Sorry Lutfie, Adelaide is not on there! Hehehe. Morbid Angel here I come next week!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congratulations to Jairo Talak Desecrator!

Mi Scusi
This entry is a bit different. Jairo of the (in)famous band Mi Scusi hailing from Sabah, Malaysia, is getting married as reported in this post! Congratulations bro on your engagement & future wedding. Mi Scusi will be the entertainment for the wedding as he says. Horror Rock at it's best.

Even though we haven't met face to face, I kinda feel that I know him well through his postings at his blog & also on MetalTerus forums. If I was back in Malaysia during that time, I would love to go to Membakut.

All the best in married life. Semoga kekal ke anak cucu!

If you need any tips on marraige, you can ask me! hehehe or Abg Ben, since he's quite productive...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cannibal Corpse - The Year of the Corpse....

Cannibal Corpse will tour in NZ in September! This would be killer. I've seen them back in Dublin way back, can't remember when exactly. Alex Webster plays bass with his fingers! I can't even play 1 whole song with my fingers as it gets too tired. Get ready to have a hammer smashed face!!

What more can be said, in this Year Of The Corpse 2009, that hasn’t already been whispered, grunted or screamed about the almighty Cannibal? They’ve smashed—nay, hammer smashed—every boundary set before them, defied every censor set upon them, and besmirched every country that would have them. After two decades of unending death metal torment, the band’s calling cards are many: the depraved lyrics, the blinding technical prowess, the dominating stage presence, the legions of dedicated fans, the million and a half albums sold. Cannibal Corpse are slashing their way back to New Zealand to skewer us as all from ear to ear in support of their new album "Evisceration Plague"!

Monday September 7th - Transmission Room, Auckland

Tuesday September 8th - The Bedford, Christchurch

Both shows All Ages and Licensed

Tickets available from this Thursday May 7th from Ticketek, Real Groovy, and LINK

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dido - This Land is Mine

I was doing a presentation on Hodgkin's Lymphoma for Oncology teaching next tuesday. I took a sick day today because really felt lousy and like shit since I have a cold - a really bad one at that. Don't want to call it the 'F' or 'I' word, since people might say that I might have 'SF' hehehe, since NZ is one of the countries which have confirmed cases of it.

Anyway back to topic. Since I'm alone & doing work, I played Dido's discography on my laptop. I love Dido - her music, her voice. Such an angelic voice. I played No Angel and then Life For Rent. When it came to This Land is Mine, it reminded me of news I read I guess some years back now, that this song & White Flag was used as the theme song for some White Supremacist website. She was quite disgusted by this as reported in The Sun UK. Funny how people interpret things.

I guess the song This Land is Mine can also be used as a slogan in Malaysia as well? What do you guys think? The politics in Malaysia is ridiculous - speak of other races not to incite racial hatred but when you say things on the same line it's ok - since this land is mine....

A bit political but who cares?

This Land Is Mine

From behind these walls I hear your song
Oh, sweet words
The music that you play lights up my world
The sweetest that I’ve heard
Could it be that I’ve been touched and turned
Oh Lord, please finally…finally things are changing

This land is mine but I’ll let you rule
I let you navigate and demand
Just as long as you know…this land is mine
So find your home and settle in
Ohhh, I’m ready to let you in
Just as long as we know…this land is mine

After all the battles and the wars
The scars and loss
I’m still the queen of my domain
and feeling stronger now
The walls are down a little more each day
Since you came, finally…finally things are changing


Follow the days I’ve travelled alone
In this cold and colorless place till now
It’s what I had to pay


This land is mine and I let you rule
I let you navigate on demand
Just as long as you know…this land is mine

An Audience With The Devil Seven - Morbid Angel live in Auckland

Back to the Metal!!!!!

Labelled as NZ's premier festival of metal and according to the "Seven", I guess it's been going on for seven years?

2 Days of metal mayhem at Auckland's Transmission Room. I've never been to Transmission Room, the only other place/gig I went to was the Psycroptic gig last November and I can't think of the name right now, maybe it will come back to me.

1st day is all NZ bands, all of whom I've never heard of. I'm planning on going obviously to Morbid Angel - on the 2nd day with Dawn of Azazel (killer band, hard working as hell! NZ's premier Metal export!) and Vassafer (who play Black Metal).

Tickets for day 2 are $68 but can range between 65-70, depending where you get them. I'm 90% going to this! Last time saw Morbid Angel was back in 2001 (Again can't remember) back in Dublin, Ireland. Should be a blast!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adusssss, washing machine jahanam la plak Pt. 2

Nampaknya kena beli washing machine baru...

Kisahnya kelmarin. Lepas janji dengan Appliance Doctor tu, aku pun dgn sedaya upaya blk pukul 3.45. Tapi aku kena pergi blk spital sbb aku buat 'long day' - on call - kerja sampai pukul 10.30mlm.

Tunggu punya tunggu, mamat ni x datang pun. Aku call, dia cakap pukul 4.30 baru bleh datang! Lor! Sakit hati betui. Fid plak dok keja lagi. Lepas tu Fid berjaya memboloskan diri dari ward round, balik dgn anak2.

Sementara tu, electrician tu datang pukul 4.45 mcm tu. Datang, tarik washing machine tu dari tempat sandarannya, punya la memekik & ngilu!! Angkat tgk bawah... "You'll need a new washing machine mate." Ini semua x sampai 2 minit dia sampai.

Dia cakap suspension system dah jahanam, lepas tu air melimpah kena motor. Nak pebaik ada la kot dlm $600-700, baik beli baru katanya...

Lepas tu Fid pun balik dgn anak2. Sembang dgn mamat ni pasal pros & contras front loading vs top loading la etc etc. Akhirnya, kena charge $60. Gila, this guy makes more than me per hour! Dasat... kalau aku jadik electrician/plumber etc lagi byk $ hehehe

Kesimpulannya, ptg ni nak kena pergi Noel Leemings lagi, beli washing machine. Fid ada la nak beli Fisher & Paykel, harga $1300! Hmmmm, tgk la mcmana. Rabak aku bulan ni.

On call aku ok, x sibuk sgt mlm tadi. Siap bleh guna facebook app lagi nak update status. Kalau korang nak, aku boleh la ceta my other life stories...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Adusssss, washing machine jahanam pulak!

Sorryla tulis dlm BM. Memandangkan ni personal blog aku, so saja nak membebel...

Semalam aku basuh baju yg dah bertimbun kat umah ni. Time dok tunggu abis basuh tu, kami sekeluarga mkn malam. Tetiba rumah blackout. Aku terdengar la bunyi mcm fuse tu trip.

Pergi la aku tgk, mmg betui switch tu tendang. On balik suma, washing machine tak bleh on plak. Tgk kat lantai ada air bertakung. Sahih air tu punca nya.

Baru hari sabtu lepas kami order chest freezer mcm kat kedai tu, kena la dlm $1000 NZD, tu dgn discount 20% dari Noel Leemings yg akan abis offer esok.. Beli pun sebab Fid dah mula kerja, igt kalau ada ni, bleh la stock-up on stuff & fid bleh masak byk2 freeze. Ni maybe nak kena spend another $1000 on new washing machine plak...

So nak beli baru or try pebaik dulu? Machine ni pun beli 2nd hand je kat kedai masa kami mula2 sampai 2 thn lepas. Bincang punya bincang dgn Fid, kami akan try pebaik dulu, kalau x sempat offer tu, kami akan sewa dulu, then bila offer dtg - NZ ni selalu jugak offer, every week!, kami beli. X nak beli tanpa buat homework dulu or tunggu offer, sebab dah baru beli freezer tu.

So, aku dah call mamat ni - The Appliance Doctor siot... hehehe dia ckp nak dtg umah petang ni lepas 3.30 ptg. Nasib aku dok dekat ja dgn hospital, 5 min jln ja. Sini harga labour mahal! House call ni saja $60 + GST (tax). Hmmmm, hopefully kena pebaik murah saja, dlm keadaan recession skang ni, x dak $ aku...

Doakan washing machine aku boleh diperbaiki & charge/parts x mahal!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bones - Mayhem on the Cross

I'm sure some people may think that this is a review on a band called Bones' new album, but you're wrong! I was flipping through the idiot box tonight and saw this episode of the show Bones - with that guy from Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that Hot chick.

The episode deals with a skull which was used as a prop for a Norwegian Black Metal or was it Death Metal, band. Think Mayhem I guess. The skull turns out to be a true skull of an American teenager.

So here's where the Bones team comes in. The dead kid played bass in a Death Metal band called Spew. Then they show some 'Death Metal' bands in corpse paint and inverted crosses playing in an abbatoir. It was kinda funny in a way. Sweets, one of the psychiatrists in the show used to listen Death Metal when he was younger and he has scars on his back from his childhood.

The way they protray Death Metal as a cult, with an 'Inner Circle' type 'membership', death worshipping Satan. Hmmm, I guess even in Hollywood/America metal - either Death or Black metal is still considered a cult or kvlt with satan worshipping and killing rival band members. Art echoes real life - remember Dead who killed himself and part of his skull was taken by a band member (can't remember but maybe Euronymous?) or Euronymous who was killed by Count Grishnack? The true Mayhem & the Norwegian Black Metal scene is making it's way into mainstream media. Just look at Dimmu Borgir...

Dimmu Borgir comics? WTF?!!

Well Dimmu Borgir will be immortalized as comics according to this press release from Nuclear Blast. They just keep getting bigger & bigger but to me, their music has gone down with their increased popularity. Even Shagrath has now an A-list (or is it C?) girlfriend/fiancee and going to fashion shows. At least he's not gay like Big Gay'All of Gor'gay'roth or is he?

Terminal Press and Nuclear Blast Records have teamed up for one of the most brutal comics of the year with "Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress." This is the first in a series of books influenced by the lyrical, artistic and musical concepts from Nuclear Blast’s polarizing roster of bands translated into the comic medium by the creative teams at Terminal Press.

Three reluctant men are chosen to quest to the Dark Fortress in a desperate attempt to protect their land from a growing evil. Despite a legend warning that the harsh land built upon lava fields is actually the gateway to Hell, they make their way across the treacherous path, encountering horrors, madness and death along the way. The three men will either survive the journey and learn the secret behind the legend of the Dark Fortress, or meet a most gruesome demise.

"Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress" utilizes the artistic vision and lyrical themes of the biggest Black Metal band in the world, DIMMU BORGIR, to create a powerful and thought-provoking fantasy horror comic book.

"I am artistically influenced and more passionate about metal music than any other genre or medium” says Terminal Press publisher and writer Brian Ferrara. “This is a project that I have always wanted to do and have thought about for years. I wanted to bring metal bands into comics in a way that would do them justice. These are books for fans of the bands, but they will also be able to stand on their own."

"Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress" is written by Brian Ferrara (Silent Assassin, Debbie Does Dallas), with art by Narek Gevorgian (Silent Assassin, Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here).

A "Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress" preview book containing original artwork and pin-ups created specifically for this edition will be available as a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive at the Nuclear Blast Records booth (#116). The Limited Edition print run will only be available at the convention and through

"Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress" will be available later this year from Terminal Press. A promo image is available here.

Enslaved - Team up with Gibson Guitars!

Wow, Enslaved just gets better & better. From the humble beginnings with Osmose productions and currently with Nuclear Blast, Norways Enslaved have gone a long way! Not your typical Viking metal band nowadays - more progressive. No wonder the boys have officially inked a deal with Gibson! Listen to their latest album - Vertebrae.


In the world of extreme music, Norways ENSLAVED have always been a force to be reckoned with - and one that will not rest on its laurels: After almost two decades in the game, ENSLAVED have developed and widened their scope of pure dark music, incorporating progressive and atmospheric structures in their brand of Black Metal, giving Pink Floyd a make-over in hell, if you will.

To achieve this sound between depth and brutality, Ivar Bjornson (guitar), Grutle Kjellson (bass) and Ice Dale (guitars) have been using GIBSONs for a long time - so long in fact, that’s it’s time to make this partnership official:


Comments the band:

“For any youngster GIBSON is a name held in great reverence; from the point you decide to become a guitarist onwards. When we saw Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, Euronymous or Slash making magic happen on their GIBSONs, there was no turning back: it had to be a GIBSON.

Sure, you could catch us red-handed buying a pair of Levi’s lookalikes to save a buck, but with the guitars and basses there’s no question. We are where we dreamed of being back then, we’re recording albums and travelling the world to play live.

Loyalty surely paid off; now we have been admitted into the exclusive tribe of GIBSON endorsed artists. The guitar work and sound is one of ENSLAVED’s most distinctive features – it can only sound like that with GIBSON, as simple as that."

ENSLAVED’s latest opus Vertebrae was released in September 2008, the band is currently preparing for the festival season and is currently on tour with Opeth in North America.


This is a band from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia and this interview was done while I was in the UK I guess back in late 90's. Fronted by Abdul Halim aka Aavimarga of Hayagriva fame, they play Eastern metal. I had their demo from then, god knows where it is now. Since then, Abdul Halim has left (or was he kicked out?) Hayagriva. A friend said that Halim used to memorize Cradle of Filth lyrics like the way he memorizes the Surah from The Holy Al-Quran - he is after all a Tahfiz! He was also in another band I think with the word Goat in it. Again, my aging memory!! This was done via email & Halim answered all in CAPITAL LETTERS, meaning I had to retype some of them. Was he mad when he got this interview??? hehe A Google search found a website, but not updated like Thanatopsis site.

What's the latest story of Purnamwulan since the birth of the first demo? Any labels interested in Purnamwulan?

Selametan... Actually, There are no latest news about Purnamwulan at the moment.
Anyway, There are a lotof changes ... A NEW DAWN OF PURNAMWULAN TO COME... honestly, PURNAMWULAN STILL EXIST... We've already got a contract and a deal with Memories Recs. since a year ago... So, we're just waiting for the recording session for our forthcoming EP... The date-line is unconfirmed yet...

You are involved both in Purnamwulan and Hayagriva, but in my opinion, Hayagriva is more active or 'famous' than Purnamwulan, do you agree?
Yes... I agree with your statements... I'm not alone in Purnamwulan... I hope you'll understand what I mentioned...

How do you compare Hayagriva to Purnamwulan? are both completely different from each other?
Yes... There are a lot of differences... Eventhough, both of them came from one root... It's called Easternian Heathendom... !!!

Do you have any new songs for an upcoming demo? what are their titles? if so, how does the songs/lyrics differ from the first demo? do you have any more projects?
Actually, Purnamwulan's upcoming release will emerge in cassette EP fromat and will be entitled "Junggringsakala"... it will include 4 hymns of myths namely the title itself, Suralaya, Kaendran and Barata Yudha ...All the lyricks will be written in ancient Java's script and language and there are no differences than the previous demo. There are no differences than the previous demo... It's still on Java... It's totally an ancient myth and traditional archapelagic stuffs of Java race... Nope, there are no other projects except my both of my bands... only thee...

Now alot of females are active in the Underground scene, do you think this is a positive sign towards the better? How about little boys who just heard Metallica or some 'black metal' bands and think they (the kids) are 'bad'?
I refuse to comment about all these... Anyway, Choose the correct way and think before you do something... Only the wise and smart could know which is true or false... That's all!!!

Are you interested in Javanese Occultism? How about Malay Black Magic like santau, penanggalan etc? How do they differ from each other?
In short words, I 'play' with it... It's still got a same and it's called 'Hidden'

What is your opinion on Aleister Crowley and his Church of Satan? Is he considered one of the forefathers of 'mainstream' Satanism? What do you think of his death? (I made a mistake - I was referring to Anton La Vey, May you burn in eternal Hell)
Aleister Crowlet... I respect his work... The false prophet and forefather in Black Magic... I've nothing to do with with him... Anyway, special hail to him... I think you've got the wrong facts!!! The builder of CoS is Anton Szandor LaVey, not Aleiseter Crowley... Got the true facts??? (Yes sir!!!-Ed) Every human mortal deserve to die and he can't escape it...

Do you feel the Malaysian scene is growing since it first started out? Which new bands in the metal scene you consider to be good?
Every individual/group have their own specialities... They can't consider themselves as the best For me, all of them are good as they are... There is no the best one, even both of my bands....

A lot of bands nowadays are using their native language for lyrics like Enslaved, early Dimmu Borgir, and our own Sil-Khannaz, Langsuir and As-Sahar. is Purnamwulan going to do lyrics in Malay/Java? Is this considered the new 'trend'?
It depends on your ideology and opinion... If you say it's just a trend... so, keep your words and you must have a stand why you should say like that... As I've said above and for me it will be a cult but not a trend... I'm not writing Purnamwulan lyricks with stupid Malay language with meaningless inside... But it will be worth for my own ancestors... LET IT BE A CULT BUT NOT A TREND !!!!

What do you think of the internet? Is it mainstreaming the underground?
The answer depends on the user on how to do the correct way... BEHOLD,EXPOSE MEANS EXPLODE !!

Upcoming visions...

Last words to end the interview...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Mystickal East

This interview was done for the 3rd issue. The Mystickal East plays darkwave ala Mortiis, Enigma, 'new' Samael etc. Md Aslan was also the drummer for the band Rust Sakaraz and the editor for Black Forest zine. I had the demo 'Herbz Niszra Nisa-Inrana Part II', but vaguely remembering music with a drum machine, keyboards and vocals. Doing a Google search did find the TME Myspace. Don't be too quick to send him some mail or money, he might've moved since 1995!!

Greetings Aslan! How are you today?
I am fine thank you.

Tell me more about The Mystickal East? Where did you get the idea of doing it?
TME have 2 demos entitled 'Raninidera Inrana' and the latest one is 'Herbz Niszra-Inrana Part II' This is a band that I craved to create for such a long time, honestly so I guess I will put my fulltime effort to raise its' name to glory. I can say that no oher bands in non metal genre ever formed my kind of band during the previous years so I'd the opportunity to make one with the support of my friend, and to the fact that I really like non metal music the way I like metal.

What seems to be your influence? Why are you doing a non metal stuff?
Influence, I don't know. But in terms of inspirations, I delve it from Enigma, Deep Forest and Enya. I do it because I like it a lot, not because it is a form of trend... not in my time I tell ya.

Are you satisfied with the release? What seems to be the positive and negative aspects of the release?
Not really cuz overall I don't like the productions very much. It is not as quality as pro recording but you know that it is hard to rent any studios here since you have to sacrifice thousands of dollars just to have crystl clear studio demo. This speaks for everything.

I heard that you're the drummer of Rust Sakaraz, a great Black Death Metal band and also editor of Black Forest zine. Is TME just a side project? Any news about RS or BFZ?
Heh Sakaraz ain't no Black influence cuz the music is totally primitive shit ya ever heard (It's not that shitty-Ed) Yup I do play drums in it but I tell you TME is not a side project but it is for real. Sakaraz stay silent right now. Everyone is so damn busy and BFZ has major problems with the contents (Computer problems he told me-Ed). For now, I have to enclose all the contents in my newsletters and so BFZ Vol III will begin with a new content in 1997 if I'm ready.

• A lot of people are fucking and cursing the Brunei U/G scene as trendy and posers. What do you have to say? Is it true? How do you define true in the U/G?
Yup sometimes I think that it is true that some Bruneians here talk too much shit about their thingies where the fact is they're just something we all call 'normal' in their lives. This story is getting old by now and I don't like to mind everyone's own business. I could say that I do befriend with those dudes but not that close since we're away from the numbers... like we have our own standards and they have theirs. Nay, I don't consider myself as 'true' and I don't know (and don't wanna know!) what is true in the U/G that people love to think about... like, with it, everyone will respect them or whatever.

Do you know Tombcrusher? People said this band is the most trendy and poser ban in Brunei? Do you agree? What's become of them anyway?
Yup I know all guys in Tombcrusher. I don't think they're being trendy too since I know they're confused of how to label their music and of how to live their live in the band. They're already disbanded now and I guess that is the most positive thing they had to do with the band...

What do you think of the Eastern Metal scene, esp. in SE Asia. Is it expanding? Give your views.
Yeah it's expanding but I am still confused here cuz too many of the bands especially in the Black metal genre love to duplicate those Norge/Greeko sounds... and those Dark metal bands still play the one we call Black metal itself... What is this anyway? Yet I still say that everyband in this region whose mind is set to survive has this opportunity to spread their words, knowledge and music to foreigners since the scene in SEA overall, is becoming bigger.

What is your ultimate fantasy?
To see TME the mightiest one in Brunei along with the depressive collegues.

Last summons to end this interview?
Thanx for the interview and keep on improving. Raninidera Inrana is available for RM4/SGD4 or blank tape + RM1/SGD1 while Herbz Niszra-Inrana Part II can be obtained by sending RM6/SGD5 or blank tape + RM2/SGD2
Contact him thru :
The Mystickal East
c/o Md. Aslan
No. 8 Simpang 387
Kg. Batang Mitus
Tutung 5590
Brunei Darussalam


Thanks for visiting Thanatopsis.

Thanatopsis zine first existed in 1994 when Wanwarlock & Darkein would like to contribute a zine for the Underground scene. At that time both of us were 15 years old and were living in Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia. We started to listen to metal since the age of 10 with Scorpions, Sabbat (UK), Destruction etc. and knew of the existence of the Underground scene through our mates who later became editors for Upanishad zine.

The 1st issue came of light later in 1994 - it was open-minded, meaning that it catered to all the genres of the Underground - metal, punk, hardcore etc. It featured interviews with local and international bands such as Wombbath (Swe), Dirty Coffin (Mal), Rust Sakaraz (Bru), Immortal (Mal - not Norway!), Vicious Azael (Mal) & others that I forgot. Typed using an Apple II GS computer with cut & paste layout. The response was mild, from memory.

Issue no. 2 came out after 1 1/2 years due to study commitments & lack of computer since the trusty Apple went kaput. Only 3 bands that I remember from this issue: Nakaratul Khaum (Mal), Sluggards (Mal) and Undead (Mal)

Issue 3 was done with better layout and content. It was released in 1998 and was a bit of a rush job due to me furthering my studies. Interviews with Nathias Zine/Prod (Mal), Thy Mystickal East (Bru), Depressive Monsoon Zine (Sin), Seasonal Abyss (Mal), Groinchurn (SA), Hayagriva (Mal) and again, I can't remember the others. This issue had reviews as well. Not particularly keen on doing reviews since it's all subjective.

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