Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm definitely going to see Morbid Angel on 30/5/09!

I've just bought my ticket for Morbid Angel from! Can't wait to go! This saturday we are planning to go to Auckland anyway because we're meeting up with Fid's online aquaintance who's coming to NZ on Sunday with her family for a holiday - driving a camper van. What's more kiwi than that? So we're travelling from Hamilton in the morning and will do some shopping - we are going to Botany Town Centre, never been there before, but seems big!

We're gonna stay at a hotel which according to Google maps is only about 400m away! Brilliant!

Any Malaysian Kiwis (Auckland Uni students?) reading this, drop me a comment/shoutout, maybe we can meet up?

One thing that annoyed me was my printer ran out of ink! This is what happens when you buy a printer and not use it for the last few months! Will print off the ticket at the hospital. So hi-tech now - etickets or show them at the door your mobile phone with internet capabilities as mentioned on undertheradar site. Damn

Transmission Room here I come!!

Since this is an e-ticket, had to cross off my name & the bar code.


Lutfie said...

any metal malaysian student in Oklen????!!!

*crickets chirping*

wanwarlock said...

hahahhaa, ko takkan x kenal sesapa kot. bosan la x dak member ni nk pegi tgk gig.

Abang Ben said...

David Vincent ada hutang aku $10. Tolong mintak balik hutang aku ye.