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Zubirun - Ye Iblis Kingdoms In The Arayakans

This interview was featured in the 3rd issue of Thanatopsis Zine way back in 1996. This band is quite known in the Malaysian scene after the release of their demo Y.I.K.I.T.A. They have also released a promotape, I've heard it from a friend but forgot what was it like, but I remember I liked it though!! I think it was something about Hinduism? No current news on this band. I guess with all bands of the Underground, they just fade into the underground. If anybody has their demo tapes, please convert to mp3s and share. They've released an EP called Maximum Hell Overdose in 2002 which I vaguely remember but haven't heard.

Ave! What's the latest news from Zubirun now? Any line-up changes since the release of the demo?
Salutem! Now we are waiting to release our 2nd demo, only the cover part is still in process. Since the release of Y.I.K.I.T.A now we are reduced toa 3 piece band, our basist KABAR and our lead vocals, SBS had left the band for several reasons. Now for 1997, Zubirunian's are MABMS (drums), SHBS (bass/vox) and a new member SABMH (guitar)

Zubirun plays Sado Black Metal. How does it differ from other styles of Black Metal like Occult Black Metal and Unholy Black Metal?
We play SBM on our 1st demo. The difference is that SBM is fast, aggresive and violent than any other kind of Black Metal, that's from my opinion. But you know it's only a label, all kinds of Black Metal is Black Metal. It's only a gimmick.

I do agree with you. Tell us about your demo. How was the overall response? Are you satisfied with it?
Our demo was recorded in 1995, contains 4 songs plus intro and outro. The overall response was quite good, cool, and I'm satisfied with it.

Your intro seems to be a little strange, where did you get it? How about the outro, why did you did it like that?
Mmm people said our intro was a little strange... Hah... hah... I got it from tv sometime ago. Outro... It's a story of our employer that always wants to destroy us (Faham ke maksudnya?)

Tak faham!!! Please tell us about P.S.P and P.S.P Management. Which is important to you?
P.S.P is a zine that only interviews Malaysian U/G zine editors. Bands can also appear but for review only. P.S.P Managemement only distributes P.S.P zine and Zubirun. The most important to me is P.S.P. Management coz without it Zubirun and P.S.P zine tak wujud (not exist)

Do you think the M'sian U/G scene is getting better? You know bands making demos in studios with tracks not just using plain Walkmans, zine with computer layout, no more using a rusty typewriter?
M'sian U/G scene is getting better and better.

You bet!!! What do you think about the future of the M'sian U/G scene? Will it be over-exploited in the media and a government ban? Will it survive and go into the cyber age with Ezines, homepages and other high-tech gadgets?
50-50. If the government bans this kind of music, it means our U/G scene will slowly rot. But if it's OK our U/G scene will get into the cyber age as overseas.

Does the lyrics play a vital role as the music? Who does the lyrics and where does his inspirations come from? Is it good to print lyrics on the cassette cover?
Yes, in our lat demo, our vocalist, SBS did all the lyrics and it came from his brain, maybe he's got a lot of ideas coz he's a bookworm (Not like me-Ed) In our upcoming releases, I will do all the lyrics based on my mind and books. It depends whether they want to expose their lyrics.

I really get annoyed with no lyrics!! What are the songs on your demo about? Please tell us from 100 Syllabe Mantra to Vanaprastha.
It's all about ancient story of Buddism, Hinduism and Malay Mysticsm. I don't know much about it coz our x-vocalist did all the lyrics and only he understands what the lyrics about-Sorry.

• Now bands like As-Sahar, Sil-Khannaz and Langsuir are doing Malay lyrics. Will Zubirun turn to do this? What's your opinion?
Hah...who said that we want to be like them? Before they released their Malay material, listen carefully to 'Anbe Muruga' you'll find a complete Malay song... 'Muka bujur daun sireh...dahi sehari bulan... etc etc' We won't follow their steps... Blackfire is our inspiration. All of the bands that you mentioned are good bands and got a strong name in our U/G scene, so what can I say? All of them are already great bands.

Is corpse paint, spikes, inverted crosses and pentagrams really important in black metal? Do you agree with it? How about other satanic stuff?
No comment. For me as a Malay all of this is only a gimmick, no more than that.

What in your opinion is the most promising band + zine in the M'sian scene? Why do they deserve your recognition?
Bands - Brain Dead, Heloisa, Athotorgh, Langsuir, Hayagriva, Talisman, Sil-Khannaz and Cryptic Malediction
Zines - Karakatuar, Thy Unholy Abyss (R.I.P-Ed), Angel from Hell, Mortal Flames, Upanishad (Hail Azil and Ruslan!!!-Ed) and Clewone (R.I.P? but Hail Syaiful + North Poem Recs!!-Ed).
I like them because they have their own originality and style.

Upcoming visions for Zubirun?
Only time should tell what will happen.

Your last closing Incantation...
Thanx for interviewing Zubirun. Selamat

• What do you think? I haven't contacted them for a long time, anybody has news about them, contact me. Their address :

P.S.P Management
133, Jln Tmn Long Jaafar
Fasa 3, Tmn Long Jaafar
Kampung Boyan
34000 Taiping
Perak, Malaysia


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Aku tau band ni wujud tapi tak ambil peduli zaman tu... tak tau apsal.

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