Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congratulations to Jairo Talak Desecrator!

Mi Scusi
This entry is a bit different. Jairo of the (in)famous band Mi Scusi hailing from Sabah, Malaysia, is getting married as reported in this post! Congratulations bro on your engagement & future wedding. Mi Scusi will be the entertainment for the wedding as he says. Horror Rock at it's best.

Even though we haven't met face to face, I kinda feel that I know him well through his postings at his blog & also on MetalTerus forums. If I was back in Malaysia during that time, I would love to go to Membakut.

All the best in married life. Semoga kekal ke anak cucu!

If you need any tips on marraige, you can ask me! hehehe or Abg Ben, since he's quite productive...

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JAIRO said...

thanx for the greeting bro... hahahaha yeah Mi Scusi will perform during the wedding.. hahaha its must be a special horrorock nite for us!!!! About the tips advance thanx to both of u.. errr will consult if got any problem hehehehe cheers mate!!!!