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This is a band from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia and this interview was done while I was in the UK I guess back in late 90's. Fronted by Abdul Halim aka Aavimarga of Hayagriva fame, they play Eastern metal. I had their demo from then, god knows where it is now. Since then, Abdul Halim has left (or was he kicked out?) Hayagriva. A friend said that Halim used to memorize Cradle of Filth lyrics like the way he memorizes the Surah from The Holy Al-Quran - he is after all a Tahfiz! He was also in another band I think with the word Goat in it. Again, my aging memory!! This was done via email & Halim answered all in CAPITAL LETTERS, meaning I had to retype some of them. Was he mad when he got this interview??? hehe A Google search found a website, but not updated like Thanatopsis site.

What's the latest story of Purnamwulan since the birth of the first demo? Any labels interested in Purnamwulan?

Selametan... Actually, There are no latest news about Purnamwulan at the moment.
Anyway, There are a lotof changes ... A NEW DAWN OF PURNAMWULAN TO COME... honestly, PURNAMWULAN STILL EXIST... We've already got a contract and a deal with Memories Recs. since a year ago... So, we're just waiting for the recording session for our forthcoming EP... The date-line is unconfirmed yet...

You are involved both in Purnamwulan and Hayagriva, but in my opinion, Hayagriva is more active or 'famous' than Purnamwulan, do you agree?
Yes... I agree with your statements... I'm not alone in Purnamwulan... I hope you'll understand what I mentioned...

How do you compare Hayagriva to Purnamwulan? are both completely different from each other?
Yes... There are a lot of differences... Eventhough, both of them came from one root... It's called Easternian Heathendom... !!!

Do you have any new songs for an upcoming demo? what are their titles? if so, how does the songs/lyrics differ from the first demo? do you have any more projects?
Actually, Purnamwulan's upcoming release will emerge in cassette EP fromat and will be entitled "Junggringsakala"... it will include 4 hymns of myths namely the title itself, Suralaya, Kaendran and Barata Yudha ...All the lyricks will be written in ancient Java's script and language and there are no differences than the previous demo. There are no differences than the previous demo... It's still on Java... It's totally an ancient myth and traditional archapelagic stuffs of Java race... Nope, there are no other projects except my both of my bands... only thee...

Now alot of females are active in the Underground scene, do you think this is a positive sign towards the better? How about little boys who just heard Metallica or some 'black metal' bands and think they (the kids) are 'bad'?
I refuse to comment about all these... Anyway, Choose the correct way and think before you do something... Only the wise and smart could know which is true or false... That's all!!!

Are you interested in Javanese Occultism? How about Malay Black Magic like santau, penanggalan etc? How do they differ from each other?
In short words, I 'play' with it... It's still got a same and it's called 'Hidden'

What is your opinion on Aleister Crowley and his Church of Satan? Is he considered one of the forefathers of 'mainstream' Satanism? What do you think of his death? (I made a mistake - I was referring to Anton La Vey, May you burn in eternal Hell)
Aleister Crowlet... I respect his work... The false prophet and forefather in Black Magic... I've nothing to do with with him... Anyway, special hail to him... I think you've got the wrong facts!!! The builder of CoS is Anton Szandor LaVey, not Aleiseter Crowley... Got the true facts??? (Yes sir!!!-Ed) Every human mortal deserve to die and he can't escape it...

Do you feel the Malaysian scene is growing since it first started out? Which new bands in the metal scene you consider to be good?
Every individual/group have their own specialities... They can't consider themselves as the best For me, all of them are good as they are... There is no the best one, even both of my bands....

A lot of bands nowadays are using their native language for lyrics like Enslaved, early Dimmu Borgir, and our own Sil-Khannaz, Langsuir and As-Sahar. is Purnamwulan going to do lyrics in Malay/Java? Is this considered the new 'trend'?
It depends on your ideology and opinion... If you say it's just a trend... so, keep your words and you must have a stand why you should say like that... As I've said above and for me it will be a cult but not a trend... I'm not writing Purnamwulan lyricks with stupid Malay language with meaningless inside... But it will be worth for my own ancestors... LET IT BE A CULT BUT NOT A TREND !!!!

What do you think of the internet? Is it mainstreaming the underground?
The answer depends on the user on how to do the correct way... BEHOLD,EXPOSE MEANS EXPLODE !!

Upcoming visions...

Last words to end the interview...

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