Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cannibal Corpse - The Year of the Corpse....

Cannibal Corpse will tour in NZ in September! This would be killer. I've seen them back in Dublin way back, can't remember when exactly. Alex Webster plays bass with his fingers! I can't even play 1 whole song with my fingers as it gets too tired. Get ready to have a hammer smashed face!!

What more can be said, in this Year Of The Corpse 2009, that hasn’t already been whispered, grunted or screamed about the almighty Cannibal? They’ve smashed—nay, hammer smashed—every boundary set before them, defied every censor set upon them, and besmirched every country that would have them. After two decades of unending death metal torment, the band’s calling cards are many: the depraved lyrics, the blinding technical prowess, the dominating stage presence, the legions of dedicated fans, the million and a half albums sold. Cannibal Corpse are slashing their way back to New Zealand to skewer us as all from ear to ear in support of their new album "Evisceration Plague"!

Monday September 7th - Transmission Room, Auckland

Tuesday September 8th - The Bedford, Christchurch

Both shows All Ages and Licensed

Tickets available from this Thursday May 7th from Ticketek, Real Groovy, and LINK


Jazli Safwan said...

Bila xtau depa ni nak mai malaysia..

JAIRO said...

dengki plak aku isk isk isk isk

Abang Ben said...

pergi jangan tak pergi!!!

Lutfie said...

jgn pegi.hormati bulan puasa.:P