Friday, May 15, 2009

Dido - This Land is Mine

I was doing a presentation on Hodgkin's Lymphoma for Oncology teaching next tuesday. I took a sick day today because really felt lousy and like shit since I have a cold - a really bad one at that. Don't want to call it the 'F' or 'I' word, since people might say that I might have 'SF' hehehe, since NZ is one of the countries which have confirmed cases of it.

Anyway back to topic. Since I'm alone & doing work, I played Dido's discography on my laptop. I love Dido - her music, her voice. Such an angelic voice. I played No Angel and then Life For Rent. When it came to This Land is Mine, it reminded me of news I read I guess some years back now, that this song & White Flag was used as the theme song for some White Supremacist website. She was quite disgusted by this as reported in The Sun UK. Funny how people interpret things.

I guess the song This Land is Mine can also be used as a slogan in Malaysia as well? What do you guys think? The politics in Malaysia is ridiculous - speak of other races not to incite racial hatred but when you say things on the same line it's ok - since this land is mine....

A bit political but who cares?

This Land Is Mine

From behind these walls I hear your song
Oh, sweet words
The music that you play lights up my world
The sweetest that I’ve heard
Could it be that I’ve been touched and turned
Oh Lord, please finally…finally things are changing

This land is mine but I’ll let you rule
I let you navigate and demand
Just as long as you know…this land is mine
So find your home and settle in
Ohhh, I’m ready to let you in
Just as long as we know…this land is mine

After all the battles and the wars
The scars and loss
I’m still the queen of my domain
and feeling stronger now
The walls are down a little more each day
Since you came, finally…finally things are changing


Follow the days I’ve travelled alone
In this cold and colorless place till now
It’s what I had to pay


This land is mine and I let you rule
I let you navigate on demand
Just as long as you know…this land is mine


JAIRO said...

i really have no idea apa yang ko mau present tu bro hahahaha.. presentation pasal limpa manusia ka?

Anonymous said...

nice song =)

Anonymous said...

=.= Hi there, just dropping by to say hi. Nice song lyric.