Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Mystickal East

This interview was done for the 3rd issue. The Mystickal East plays darkwave ala Mortiis, Enigma, 'new' Samael etc. Md Aslan was also the drummer for the band Rust Sakaraz and the editor for Black Forest zine. I had the demo 'Herbz Niszra Nisa-Inrana Part II', but vaguely remembering music with a drum machine, keyboards and vocals. Doing a Google search did find the TME Myspace. Don't be too quick to send him some mail or money, he might've moved since 1995!!

Greetings Aslan! How are you today?
I am fine thank you.

Tell me more about The Mystickal East? Where did you get the idea of doing it?
TME have 2 demos entitled 'Raninidera Inrana' and the latest one is 'Herbz Niszra-Inrana Part II' This is a band that I craved to create for such a long time, honestly so I guess I will put my fulltime effort to raise its' name to glory. I can say that no oher bands in non metal genre ever formed my kind of band during the previous years so I'd the opportunity to make one with the support of my friend, and to the fact that I really like non metal music the way I like metal.

What seems to be your influence? Why are you doing a non metal stuff?
Influence, I don't know. But in terms of inspirations, I delve it from Enigma, Deep Forest and Enya. I do it because I like it a lot, not because it is a form of trend... not in my time I tell ya.

Are you satisfied with the release? What seems to be the positive and negative aspects of the release?
Not really cuz overall I don't like the productions very much. It is not as quality as pro recording but you know that it is hard to rent any studios here since you have to sacrifice thousands of dollars just to have crystl clear studio demo. This speaks for everything.

I heard that you're the drummer of Rust Sakaraz, a great Black Death Metal band and also editor of Black Forest zine. Is TME just a side project? Any news about RS or BFZ?
Heh Sakaraz ain't no Black influence cuz the music is totally primitive shit ya ever heard (It's not that shitty-Ed) Yup I do play drums in it but I tell you TME is not a side project but it is for real. Sakaraz stay silent right now. Everyone is so damn busy and BFZ has major problems with the contents (Computer problems he told me-Ed). For now, I have to enclose all the contents in my newsletters and so BFZ Vol III will begin with a new content in 1997 if I'm ready.

• A lot of people are fucking and cursing the Brunei U/G scene as trendy and posers. What do you have to say? Is it true? How do you define true in the U/G?
Yup sometimes I think that it is true that some Bruneians here talk too much shit about their thingies where the fact is they're just something we all call 'normal' in their lives. This story is getting old by now and I don't like to mind everyone's own business. I could say that I do befriend with those dudes but not that close since we're away from the numbers... like we have our own standards and they have theirs. Nay, I don't consider myself as 'true' and I don't know (and don't wanna know!) what is true in the U/G that people love to think about... like, with it, everyone will respect them or whatever.

Do you know Tombcrusher? People said this band is the most trendy and poser ban in Brunei? Do you agree? What's become of them anyway?
Yup I know all guys in Tombcrusher. I don't think they're being trendy too since I know they're confused of how to label their music and of how to live their live in the band. They're already disbanded now and I guess that is the most positive thing they had to do with the band...

What do you think of the Eastern Metal scene, esp. in SE Asia. Is it expanding? Give your views.
Yeah it's expanding but I am still confused here cuz too many of the bands especially in the Black metal genre love to duplicate those Norge/Greeko sounds... and those Dark metal bands still play the one we call Black metal itself... What is this anyway? Yet I still say that everyband in this region whose mind is set to survive has this opportunity to spread their words, knowledge and music to foreigners since the scene in SEA overall, is becoming bigger.

What is your ultimate fantasy?
To see TME the mightiest one in Brunei along with the depressive collegues.

Last summons to end this interview?
Thanx for the interview and keep on improving. Raninidera Inrana is available for RM4/SGD4 or blank tape + RM1/SGD1 while Herbz Niszra-Inrana Part II can be obtained by sending RM6/SGD5 or blank tape + RM2/SGD2
Contact him thru :
The Mystickal East
c/o Md. Aslan
No. 8 Simpang 387
Kg. Batang Mitus
Tutung 5590
Brunei Darussalam

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