Friday, May 15, 2009

An Audience With The Devil Seven - Morbid Angel live in Auckland

Back to the Metal!!!!!

Labelled as NZ's premier festival of metal and according to the "Seven", I guess it's been going on for seven years?

2 Days of metal mayhem at Auckland's Transmission Room. I've never been to Transmission Room, the only other place/gig I went to was the Psycroptic gig last November and I can't think of the name right now, maybe it will come back to me.

1st day is all NZ bands, all of whom I've never heard of. I'm planning on going obviously to Morbid Angel - on the 2nd day with Dawn of Azazel (killer band, hard working as hell! NZ's premier Metal export!) and Vassafer (who play Black Metal).

Tickets for day 2 are $68 but can range between 65-70, depending where you get them. I'm 90% going to this! Last time saw Morbid Angel was back in 2001 (Again can't remember) back in Dublin, Ireland. Should be a blast!


Lutfie said...

dawn of azazel memang gempak.MORBID ANGEL....(menangis teresak2 di sudut bilik)

wanwarlock said...

jgn mcm tu dude... dtg ler nz, bleh buat cerita - morbid angel, live in auckland. then antar kat rottw, mcm abg ben buat... hehehe

Abang Ben said...

MA tak singgah Adelaide... KEJAM!

Melbourne, 800km... tak sanggup. IRON MAIDEN last tour pun aku miss kat Melbourne, apa la sangat MA nak banding dengan IM?

Hantar ROTTW bang... pastikan mintak free copy of the issue. Jangan lupa taruk alamat blog hehehe...

OI... pakej dah sampai ke belum? Sangkut KDN eh?

wanwarlock said...

barang dah sampai, sangkut kat post opis sebab beso sgt, padahal bukan registered pun. takut la kantoi dgn KDN NZ ker. pegi amik ok jer.

mana cd mp3 malaya??? a few cases retak sket, but ok.