Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nuclear Blast Iphone/Ipod touch app. What? No Windows Mobile app?

Nuclear Blast Mobile Roadie
Got this in my email the other day about Nuclear Blast's new Iphone/Ipod app. It will give the users/fans updated news, music videos and samples straight to your Apple Product.

It annoys me that there is no Windows Mobile app, but I guess the Iphone is the flavour at the moment. Oh well, I won't miss out much anyway since I'm on the Nuclear Blast mailing list

If you don't have itunes installed, the link above will bring you to the itunes download page (like me)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For sale: Pearl Powershifter Iluminator twin pedals

I'm helping out a friend who wants to sell his Pearl Powershifter Iluminator twin pedals. He's the drummer for the band Side Circle - melocore band (Is that right Sharman? hehe) Selling it for RM700.

"Items still in good condition and performs real well without any probs, for more info, please view my page, interested?? call me: 0176338632 (sharman)"