Saturday, August 21, 2010

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier Mission Edition

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier.... The new album from these legendary British heavy metallers. I went out with Aiman, my son today to do some errands and went to The Warehouse, a shop in NZ ala Wal Mart etc. Initially saw the IM back catalog on sale at $13. I was thinking of buying BNW but just kept wandering in the music section until I saw the weekly chart, The Final Frontier was at number 2!! The warehouse was selling 2 versions, original and special, but the special ed was not on the shelves!! Dammit

So I went to the counter and to my surprise saw a lot of the special edition cds and other IM merchandise like jugs, pens, key rings and t-shirts.

I managed to get me one of the cd's as above. $34.99. The warehouse are also running an IM competitiion and the main prize is a IM leather bomber jacket! I have to enter.

Just got back home and tired, will do a review later.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weezer signs to Epitaph and new album due in Sept

Received an email about Weezer in my email a few days ago. Seems like there will be another Weezer album in the works. The album is called Hurley after the Lost star and guess what, the cover is his face!! Tak ada cover lain ka??

Anyway, they've also just signed to one of punks greatest labels and also home to Bad Religion (one of my fav punk bands who happens to be the same age as me!), Epitaph. Apparently they are going back to their rock roots and no more L'il Wayne...

Here's the 1st single off the album, called Memories. Not typical Weezer imho, the chorus has Moogs in the background, but catchy like Weezer