Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bones - Mayhem on the Cross

I'm sure some people may think that this is a review on a band called Bones' new album, but you're wrong! I was flipping through the idiot box tonight and saw this episode of the show Bones - with that guy from Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that Hot chick.

The episode deals with a skull which was used as a prop for a Norwegian Black Metal or was it Death Metal, band. Think Mayhem I guess. The skull turns out to be a true skull of an American teenager.

So here's where the Bones team comes in. The dead kid played bass in a Death Metal band called Spew. Then they show some 'Death Metal' bands in corpse paint and inverted crosses playing in an abbatoir. It was kinda funny in a way. Sweets, one of the psychiatrists in the show used to listen Death Metal when he was younger and he has scars on his back from his childhood.

The way they protray Death Metal as a cult, with an 'Inner Circle' type 'membership', death worshipping Satan. Hmmm, I guess even in Hollywood/America metal - either Death or Black metal is still considered a cult or kvlt with satan worshipping and killing rival band members. Art echoes real life - remember Dead who killed himself and part of his skull was taken by a band member (can't remember but maybe Euronymous?) or Euronymous who was killed by Count Grishnack? The true Mayhem & the Norwegian Black Metal scene is making it's way into mainstream media. Just look at Dimmu Borgir...

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