Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools and a night with Misery Index, Decapitated, Origin and Psycroptic

Decapitated, Origin, Misery Index and Psycroptic in Auckland 1/4/2010

Hells yes! Tomorrow night I will be heading to Auckland to see Decapitated, Origin, Misery Index and Psycroptic at the Transmission Room. April Fools day 2010 will be a blast! I even got leave to go to this tomorrow. Friday is Good Friday and also my birthday! 31 years of age..... also the long Easter weekend.

This will be my 1st gig since last year, the phenomenal Iron Maiden gig with Abg Ben. It's not that I don't want to go to gigs, but being in Hamilton which is 1 1/2 hours away from Auckland, makes it a bit difficult, coupled with work and family life AND 2 young kiddies.

Back in Dublin, I would have no problem going to gigs, since a lot of gigs are done and they are only either a short drive or bus ride away (don;t want to get stuck in traffic!). Well that's all gone now folks.

I've been really into Misery Index thanks to Mr Darkein, my komrad in arms since the inception of Thanatopsis - who told me that he listened to Discordia every morning on his way to work. The album just blew me away with it's ferocity!

Decapitated were I recall the youngest death metal band that had cut a record deal back then. Only in their mid teens if not mistaken. sadly their drummer Vitek died in a bus crash while the band were touring - reminds me of dear Cliff don't you think?

Psycroptic I saw as my 1st ever gig in NZ - a free ticket by a TV program I can't remember now. Technicallity and brutallity at it's best! These Tasman devils sure know how to shred...

Origin can't say much about them, don't know much any way.

Stay tuned! Will post a review. Lutfie is also going to this on 4/2 in Adelaide, and we'll be comparing notes. hehehe


Lutfie said...

i am honestly mainly excited for Misery Index. Having completed their discography makes me even eager!Drummer diorang tu power gila!!!!!!!!!

~ f i d ~ said...

Hope you'll have a great time tonight, ni kira birthday treat la no??