Saturday, February 5, 2011

Airing your dirty laundry outside

Sorry for not posting more pics of our Wellington trip, as usual, real life beckons. Friday just gone I wasn't working. Had the duty of doing the house chores as Fid was working and Aiman has started school (umoq 5 thn dah masuk big school kat sini) on 1/2 and Aliya also has gone to daycare.

After mopping the floor, even after the house was cleaned by Pak Rahman the day before, the floors felt sticky, I sat down in front of the tv to nak lipat baju baji. Sejak dah potong Sky movies (Astro equivalent kat NZ) x byk benda aku dok tgk selain Discovery, CI, Nat Geo dan news.

Bukak la channel CI (crime & investigation) mcm menarik, tajuk Cheaters. Ni la 1st time aku tgk siri ni. Macam harem gak aku tgk. Series about spying on your spouse if you suspect they've been playing kayu tiga and then if they are in compromising situation, mcm mamat KRU dgn sapa 'adik' dia tu bila Jakim mai, BOOM! Datang camera & expose si cheater ni dpn org ramai...

Seriously what is the world, in particular US coming to? Benda2 mcm ni pun layak buat tv series? I find it revolting and funny at the same time. How can you expose your spouse (that you apparently love(d)) on national tv to get your 5 minutes of fame? Siap ada website, hampa semua pi tgk dan siap boleh contact depa nak masuk series ni. Damn dong....


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~ f i d ~ said...

Thank you for helping me with the chores dear darling..nanti buat lagi yaa hehhehe :)..lap ya..