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Hayagriva - The Lord of Neverending Wrath... the interview

Hayagriva - Thy Lord of Neverending Wrath

It's been a while since I posted in English and anything metal related. With the demise of Thanatopsis zine at geocities, I've managed to save the stuff I had over there. Everyone into the underground/metal scene back then & now know of this band from the land of Silver, after the release of The Lord of Neverend Wrath demo before the excellent Silverian Elegy EP - one of the best Malaysian metal releases in my opinion. Read on for some piece of history...

This interview was featured in the 3rd issue of Thanatopsis zine released in May 1997. Since then they have released a new material entitled 'Silverian Elegy' and will be doing a split CD with Singapore Godz As-Sahar which is in the final stages of completion. This was answered by Mantheravathee

Hayagriva circa 1997

Darkest greetings, blessed be dark soul, your first dark words...
Happiness and well being upon thy blissful

What's the latest news on Hayagriva? Any line-up changes or new demo?
Line-up changes - nope, new releases will be in this year, 1997.

Since the release of 'The Lord of Neverending Whath', have there been any labels that are interested in offering Hayagriva a deal?

When will your new stuff come out? Is it in the same vein of the first demo? will appear in this year, 1997 in the 'Supreme Shadows Metal' vein surely... it's gonna kill your mom!!!

You seem to be interested in Sanskrit Mythology, especially in your lyrics. What is the story behind each song like 'The Gate', 'Thy Lord of Shadows' and so on? Are you also interested in old Malay Black Magic like Santau, Tinggam etc?
It's all about the Darkside of Life. The beauty of heathen enlightment, wrath, hate, consecrations and shadows.

Who is Aria Sidhayarta? Is he a permanent member or just a lyricist?
He is our lyricist on our first demo, but now he has been kidnapped by some alien from...? (what the...-Ed) I don't know where he is now... Aria Sidhayarta is also a man... but without a soul!!!

You play Dark Shadow Metal. How do you define it? How does it differ from ordinary Black Metal?
It's totally not in any kind of Black Metal. Remember it's Shadows, anything you do on it, it's still Shadows, not the color of Blue or Red!

Mentheravathee of Hayagriva
You've been involved in several gigs in Penang. Tell us what is it like playing live? How did you get to play at the 'Ethereal Reign' gig recently? How was the crowds' reaction?
Throughout the year, Penang crowds are the best in Malaysia. In the 'Ethereal Reign' gig we performed only as a jam session band with Athothorgh also with us. We got to play coz we can really play.

How important is corpse paint and other Black Metal uniforms to you?
Corpse pant, blazing fire and so on, is just like an adorement on stage in terms to make it more beautiful.

What do you think of Sil-Khannaz, As-Sahar and Langsuir? Will they conquer the Eastern Metal scene?
They are as good as they are!!

Your upcoming visions for Hayagriva?
It's a secret and the secret is only for us... but you might know it someday...sometime...

Last incantation to end the interview?
Hail Thanatopsis zine.. Thanx Noorwan the editor who's responsible on his own great works! Yeah thanx for still remembering us. Svasti


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