Friday, January 8, 2010

Dublin Metal Events - how I miss Dublin!

Dublin Metal Events, DME

Byk benda yg aku nak tulis, tapi x dak masa nak tulis - biasala kan, manusia ni byk rancangan tapi x cukup masa utk melaksanakannya...

Entry aku hari ni nak cerita pasal email yg baru aku dpt. Aku join mailing list Dublin Metal Events/DME dari dulu lagi, jadi bila ada info pasal gig kat Dublin dapat la info.

Email hari ni aku dpt:

So, time for 2010 to get rolling and here's a quick update on what's happening....

First up is MARDUK / ANAAL NATHRAKH / ARTISIAN / ZEBADIAH CROWE on Tuesday 2nd February in Whelans.

Following that, and this is a new announcement, the Polish legend that is VADER makes an overdue return to Ireland on Thursday 4th March, again in Whelans. Support is Sweden's AS YOU DROWN and the UK's DIVINE CHAOS.

March 31st sees New York's finest, SUFFOCATION, return to decimate Whelans, alongside ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY, NERVECELL, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE & BURNING THE MASSES.

The last currently confirmed show is happening in Button Factory on Sunday 2nd May (Bank Holiday Weekend). The 'Bank Holiday Barrage' features BOLT THROWER, ROTTING CHRIST, MORPHOSIS, OVEROTH and 1 more band to be confirmed.

All of these shows are on sale now via and from usual outlets except VADER which will go on sale soon.

Lastly, the brand new website is now up and running so be sure to click over to to check it out and get the full lowdown on all of the above shows. Thanks to Jim Tobin at for the fantastic job on this - highly recommended. (Please note there is a slight lag in it going live for some people so if you don't see the new site, check back on it later)

For more info. on everything you've just read and for all gig updates as they happen, remember to check out

Adus, terlepas la aku nak tgk Vader, Bolt Thrower, Marduk, RC etc etc..

Sejak dtg NZ ni, hanya berapa gig saja yg aku pi - Psycroptic, Dawn of Azazel, Iron Maiden, Bad Religion/NOFX. Jauh aku nak pi Auckland - dlm 1 1/2 jam. Dulu kat Dublin, nak bas atau jalan kaki dah sampai kat Temple Bar/Whelans etc. Tahun 2010 ni akan menantikan Misery Index, Behemoth, Fear Factory, newly reformed Decapitated, Meshuggah, Trivium dan lain2 ke Auckland. Paling nak tgk Misery Index (thanks to Darkein for introducing me to this band) tapi rasanya aku x bleh pegi kot...

How I miss Dublin and the Metal gigs!!!

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