Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sabbat UK confirmed for Download festival

WOW! Sabbat have reformed and are playing festivals. This is excellent news. After a bit of research, it seems that they have reformed since 2006 and played in a few festivals, one of them was Day of Darkness which was done in Co. Laois, Ireland in 2007! Dammit! I missed to see them. They've also reissued History of a time to come & Dreamweaver to coincide with their reformation. Cradle of Filth has even covered Hosanna in Excelsis before and are one of their influences.

Sabbat are the first ever metal band that I ever listened to when I was 11. I used to live in Kangar, Perlis at the time in a 'Taman' or housing estate. I would cycle behind a mates' house and I could hear this racket and shrieking vocals. WTF?! I thought..... I borrowed the tape History of a Time to Come) from that mate (Thanks Zam Gemuk!) It sent goosebumps over me just listening for the first time ever this weird, violent music. This stuff is scary! The lyrics were crazy, such blasphemy! Hosanna in Excelsis, For those who died etc... This is great music!

Anyway, they've been confirmed for the Download festival which is in Donnington Castle on 14th June, this weekend!

News via blabbermouth.

Sabbat (UK) official site

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deaf_angel said...

donington park..sigh.

kalo la aku ada magic carpet..

Benign said...

I am still very unfamiliar with Sabbat. Always got em confused with the Japanese version. Any good albums that you would like to recommend bro?

wanwarlock said...

definitely history of a time to come, their 1st album. dreamweaver is still excellent though, but the 3rd, mourning has broken is crap!