Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Konsert Double Trouble 1 May 2010, Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park Indoor Arena..

hey guys, greeting to all rockers, metalheads, music lovers.. aku x pnh tulis blog2 ni.. tp skadar ingin berkongsi experience dan membantu kwn baik aku En. Doc Noorwan yg x sudah2 dgn exam dia (hang ni dah jd doktor pun kena amik exam lg, heran aku.. aku takot jd gila jaa nanti).. ahahaha..

1st May 2010, berlangsungnya satu konsert yg so much anticipated involving 2 of the most influential rock bands in Malaysia together in a series of concert which they had started 17 years ago. Needless explanation in the region, there's this legendary, Search + the bad boys in local rock scene, Wings sharing same stage in the Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. Though I was arriving a bit late (half hour late to be precise) due to me myself and my band were performing in this 1 small gig in Kajang, I was still very much spirited to catch this history in the making. Just after finishing our last song in our own gig, I drove my friend's girlfriend's car to Bukit Kiara with an average speed mounted to 120km/h (finished double pedalling on stage, put the leg on the accelerator pedal.. ahaha).

We arrive at Bukit Kiara around 9.30pm where all the 4 lanes highway's already full with cars taking the spaces for parking along the road, leaving only the last right lane for motorist to use. Since we were late ourself, we just follow others and park on 3rd lane of the highway, assuming that the venue is just few meters further up. Well, it was not, we actually walked for 500meter to reach the venue. Along the walking, we noticed some people were heading back in frustration. (some of them were the band members from Butcher Bastard - Metal band from Penang, saying to us that its packed like hell there, cant see anything). We, nevertheless continue to reach the venue and arriving at the venue, it is totally packed full as hell. It is a horrible scene to see, yet it is how the great rock concert always looks like. The indoor arena were full of crowd (I think its more than 20,000 people inside the arena) , u cant even see its wall, with people in every corner/entrance pushing/struggling to make their way in, plus there's people fainted inside even have to be brought up by the crowd to make the way out, it looks like the guy/girl is doing crowd surfing/slamming/stage diving. It is frightening (the Indoor Arena is a 10,000 capacity, maybe 15,000 the most).

We intially try to make it on the main entrance on left side of the arena, the bands just finishing the double drum's solo with Yazid (Search) and Black (wings) on their sets. The drums solo were well composed. There's a part they were going at each other and there's also part they were playing simultanously at the same drum pattern and speed. It was awesome. Yet, its not as awesome as Kid and Amy suddenly appeared on stage respectively with Kid playing the solo's of Isabella, Search most notably much anticipated Love Slow Rock Song. Just by hearing the solo, the crowd went crazy with the more than 20,000 crowd singing along with amy, u cant even hear amy's voice. At the spot I'm standing people were chanting Amy's name just to show their appreciation to their hero.

After Isabella, Search continue with few more songs, their usual anthem's like Isi dan Kulit, Serigala Segalanya etc. But no PAWANA, their main anthem song, a must in their every show, I wonder why.. hmm.. And yet its not effected the full crowds as Awie the appeared on stage with Joe and people went crazy again plus some laughter as Awie as usual delivering some jokes as he make fool of himself and sometime make jokes on Amy. The Duo then sparing each other with some medley from both band's legendary song such as Gadisku, Rozana, Sejati, Rashidah Utama, Syakila etc. The best part is that both lead guitarist, both bassist and both drummer were playing exactly the same which u can even notice the different in their sound with only Din playing as a 2nd guitar. But I do notice that Awie singing Search song's is actually better than Amy singing Wings song (Well, thats arguably my personal view.. no disrespect to Amy.. hehehe..) And I do notice that Awie's voice is back at its best. He's low tone were as good as ever and his high pitch, screams are back at their best. (Awie in this recent few years were struggling to get back his 80's voice sound). The 9 rockers finish the session with Wings R N R Lu Punya Suka, with at the end of the song, Awie and Amy again went for a high pitching scream at each others delighting much for the crowd who just scream in satisfaction. They then put a close to the show with Search - Pasti 15 mins to midnite.

Anyway, for me personally, the highlight of the whole concert is the guitar solo part. The Stage were set black and dark, then there's this magnificent sound leaving the crowd in puzzle. Though all die hard followers of Search would already know that was Kid at work, the presentation is for me were really something. Then there's a spotlight shoot to the right side of the stage (guess what?? it is KID with his gitar.. ahahaha) Kid played a very nice guitar presentation that nite confirming that he is one of the best guitarist in Malaysia. Its been a long time to see Kid at his best although he did save the last Search Awan Biru Concert last year with his astonishing sound. Then to add it up, Joe appeared with his solo and the Duo then played a special composed solo with both guitarist exchanged some skills through out the session. It was AWESOME!!

To sums it up, the concert were brilliant, much more brilliant compared to the previous Search solo concert - Awan Biru. This time the sound system's were great, the stage, the lighting and of course this time u got Wings together on the bill, its nothing much to complaint about. Anyhow, the selection of the venue is actually not really satisfied me (the Awan Biru were held at the padang area, which can hold up more people and got some space to catch a breather). They should pick the bigger venue at 1st place. They already announced that they will be in Stadium Larkin next month as their next stop, I hope and I think all die hard fans of both bands were hoping that this is just a starting for The Double Trouble Series. Hope there will be another concert in KL in a bigger venue with bigger sponsorship pouring in. Anyhow, the concert which held without any sponsorship from big corporates has already put ashamed to another 2 sponsored live concert, TM - Ungu in Bkt Jalil and Celcom - Tokio Hotel in OU which held also on the same date. Both concert only managed to get not more than 5,000 crowds. Yeah, serve them right.. hahaha.. I still wonder why these rockers always got the double standard until now.. hmm..


deaf_angel said...

sayang la ko datang lambat..
tapi memang best

amira karmila said...

great concert!
check out this shirts Double Trouble dude!

wanwarlock said...

bagus man, lepas ni buat la lagi article atau review gig2 yg hg main, hg ni kan artis skang... hehehe

metalcore to the core!

Anonymous said...

i'm going through anything search related with "Double Trouble". I'm helping to promote the new in coming Gemuruth DT Konsert on the 18th (Penang) and 25th (Sunway Lagoon). It's gonna be big. Now go out and tell your friends cause this 2010 is gonna end with a bang.