Monday, July 5, 2010

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Metallica adds new Christchurch show

Baru aku dapat tau tadi bila tgk news kat tv. Metallica akan buat 1 show tambahan kat Christchurch pada 22/9 nanti sebab ada petition kat facebook mintak depa main kat south island NZ. Petition tu menarik lebih 11000 orang. Not bad. Kalau peminat kat Malaysia buat macam ni adakah Metallica akam buat show kat Malaysia? Indon dah penah sampai, bila lagi nak mai Malaysia?

Sayangnya aku terlepas beli tiket untuk show kat Auckland. Sold out in 20mins! Kali ni aku mmg teringin sgt nak tgk Metallica, 1st and only time aku tgk depa dulu kat Dublin 2006, time 20th anniversary Master of Puppets bila depa main full set list MOP dan lagu2 lain lagi, termasuk Whiskey in the jar sbg 'penghormatan' kepada lagenda rock Irish - Thin Lizzy.

Read the statement in full:

Christchurch, New Zealand . . .Sometimes You Do Get What You Want!

Show added on September 22
You asked (okay, demanded!) and we heard ya. When we got wind of the massive petitions for us to come to Christchurch, New Zealand we just had to check it out . . . and wow, the number of requests were overwhelming! So, the moral of the story is to be careful what you wish for . . . because 'Tallica is coming to your town on September 22 at CBS Canterbury Arena! 

Now here's the catch - our production team scoped it out over the last couple of weeks and no matter how hard we tried to re-configure it, the bottom line is the CBS Canterbury Arena is just not equipped to handle the in the round "Death Magnetic" show that we've been carting around the world on this tour. That's not going to stop us, but we wanted to let you know that we will not be able to bring the full set up that you may have seen in photos on the site or will see if you happen to hit another show in New Zealand or Australia. It's gonna be us and YOU old-school "club style" in an arena making a whole lot of noise together, and that's what counts. 

Tickets go on sale July 15 at 9:00 AM with the MyTKT pre-sale starting July 13 at noon. Fan Club members should check for information about a special pre-sale for them starting on July 9.
Thanks for all the love and support . . . see you in September!



Abang Ben said...

jeles jeles...

berteromber said...

kat facebook ada ada fan malaysia buat baru ada 1,500 ++ orang ajer....camner dorang nak datang..

wanwarlock said...

malaysia penduduk 27 juta, compare dgn nz 4 juta saja... susah ka nak dapatkan 11000+ metal/metallica fans kat facebook?

kena ada publisiti la, kalau mainstream x dak sambutan, susah la...

yg bagusnya metallica listened to their fans. x sangka depa akan buat camni

Lutfie said...

demit la show september tu.tak aci,aku punya kena tgk november,chaitt.nasib baik tak ada show adelaide september tu.

SkiD said...

Kat Malaysia??? ada harapan ke?

deaf_angel said...

jeles nye aku... nak sangat nengok metalica