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Surrender of Divinity

Surrender of Divinity

Surrender of Divinity, who in the Underground scene have not heard of them before especially in Malaysia? Back in the late 90's I managed to get in touch with the band and got their now infamous demo. Don't know what happened to the demo now, maybe in my cupboard back in Malaysia rotting away? Read on.

Surrender of Divinity are a black fucking metal band from Thailand! To me they're demo is fucking awesome! I trully support this band, I couldn't imagine a band like this from Thailand? I got a chance to see them live in action in Ipoh on the 1st of July 2000 during their tour. They were superb but the crowd support was shit and the performance was marred by a broken guitar and shitty sound! Ekalux wore a fukking large inverted cross!!! Hail SOD!!!

Opening words & history of S.O.D. How are things going on in the S.O.D camp? Tell us about the demo are you satisfied with it ? 
* Well , looking back into our retrogressive stage at early '96 , we were at that time a stupid band band cover songs of other BM bands. Until mid-year of that year we were invited to play show in Metal concert here. But since that concert we had the feeling of no-fun and losing one's content of heart. Maybe we didn't have our own songs yet , so it wasn't having much fun playing cover songs Because of this feeling , we started to  write our own songs and introduce them in our 2nd show. There was a good response back from fans at thia time and also a lot of mad-expressions with our songs. Many of them kept asking for our demo but we didn't release immediately. The only cause was our short of money then for the studio-recording of our stuff. And in Thailand , we don't have crazy investors in record labels to dare play with music of BM. However , we still continued to have our shows consecutively but the fans were starting to be boring that they could listen our songs at concert festival only. In late'97 we decided to make a set of Rehearsal tape to sell it for those who really like our music. This was done in a premature test before we could redo it in the future with a better sound-recording. Now we're releasing out our Rehearsal demo of the first set into the market and it's quite well-responded from local audience , we have done this stuffs in a limited amount , just 400 copies and at this time it was sold out. we have reviews of great response from underground zines , in many volumes from many countries. which I guess that we might be satisfied with what happened after we has released this stuff since this is just our first step. What's happen about the band now. we have a new vocalist who name is Ekalux. And he's working with us for our new material. Hopefully it will be released not over 1999.

On the sleeve of the demo, it says In Coffin Recs. Could you tell me more about this label? 
* That's just our sub contract.  I still can't tell you more about it with now, Maybe it becoming a distro. soon!!!

The only u/g band from Thailand that I heard of is Donpheebin. Tell us more about the u/g scene in Thailand. 
* As a matter of fact , the Thai scene at present is much less appealing than Malaysia or Singapore scenes.  We have lesser Metal bands than others , we have Death and Thrash metal only 4-5 bands. I daresay we're the only Black metal band of Thailand now. Thai scene is just a small scene and with gradual progressive movement. Anyway , I guess it's better to have few good bands than having a lot of junk , trendy band with their desire for money only. Though we don't have many trendy bands but if they're in good quality it's better , right ?

What does S.O.D mean? On your logo there are inverted crosses and 666 on them. Thailand in my opinion is not 'a Christian country' but a Buddhist country. What do you think? 
* Oh , good question ! About the name of the band , I think it already have the meaning of itself. So I guess , I shouldn't going to tell you about it means again. Well , you have written most of the truth but not all of it. It's true Christainity is of no great importance to most Thai, but it's not there is no such crazy religion in Thailand. The truth is Christianity is sweeping more grounds in Thai society. Many of Thai are converting to Christ. Those fathers are smart enough to star brainwash local Thai in the provinces first. Those local couldn't read and understand their evil minds. Do you know why they converted religions, you can be baptized from all sins. But you can't do that in Buddhism. Lord Buddha teaches that whatever sin you do you're destined to receive it's outcome and it can't be changed. They're fear of paying back their evil deeds But don't misunderstand me that I'm a  Buddhist. I just give you an example. In the teachings of Buddhism , there're still many things I can't agree with. I personally hate all religions. There're always at its back with a lot of financial benefits with every religions. In addition , we wish to tell you that we're from Thailand it does not mean we'd confine our performance in Thailand only. So even though that Christian does not play many role in Thailand we still must resist it to be out of mankind.

Surrender of Divinity
Listening to your demo reminded me of Marduk era 'Those of the Unlight'. In fact I think 'To reach out for Eternity' sounds like the mentioned track. Is Marduk an inspiration to you?  What are your other Influences? 
*  Marduk is one influence to us , it's certainly. But To tell you the truth "Those of the unlight" that's not my favorite CD at all. I'm more into Opus Nocturne , Heaven shall burn... and their latest CD. So I don't think "Those of the unlight"  will be one influenced to our music. Well , I can't specify what band's influence I have received as I do listen a lot of band. I love in Slayer during classic period and I was once crazy with the time of Floridian deathmetal bands such as Death, Obituary, Deicide , Morbid Angel , Monstrosity etc. At present I become a real disciple of Scandinavian BM bands such as . Immortal , Darkthrone , Mayhem , Emperor , Satyricon , Marduk , Dark Fureral etc. So , it's certain that I have got their influences into my work as I mentioned before.

In my opinion, Thailand is famous for Buddhists, tourism and its prostitutes/brothels. Is this true? Is the song 'Paradise's brothel' about the sex industry/brothels in Thailand?? 
* Also a good question ! No, "Paradise's brothel" that's not what about the sex industry in Thailand , But it's something about a whore bitch who name is Maria.  Do you know her ? She's Jesus's mom!!!! Well , In Thailand we've our natural resources , we've our culture , we've
our ancient places and we've many places of interest but most lustful westerners including some eastern whenever they speck about Thailand they'd keep harping on words related to easiness of Thai woman. This is an inexcusable misunderstanding. Yes , when you have money in your pocket you can buy sleeping-service from Thai girls here. But I thought it was the same everywhere in this world. An those girls they're ready to sacrifice her body with your money. Somehow , I thought the most ugly ones are those who got to pay in order to buy this sexual happiness. I thought it's not fair and very narrow-minded to change all Thai girls are free sex. Better don't trust what you didn't see with your own eyes.

Metal has always been 'for westerners only' because the westerners make the trends, others just follow. How do you feel about this?  Do you think we (Asians) are just following trends set by these guys? When will we, the Eastern u/g scene be a trend setter instead of just trend followers, and western bands imitate Asian metal bands? 
* Just  following ? Maybe so , But who care about this word! I admit that our band has received influence from Norwegian and Swedish bands , on music topics or image.  But everyone must accept the truth that BM isn't a music originated in Asia. Is that means we Asian shouldn't play metal ? Maybe not.  When we're fond of playing this music style which isn't our identical we must try to create and try to bring their music into our identical pattern. Now we're trying to put the feeling of Thai traditional in mixture with BM music. And I hope everyone will find something new and it won't just following.

In your bio, you said you've done several gigs with other metal bands in Bangkok. How was the reaction? 
* You can find the answer about that in the first question

Promote your band and your closing words 
* Thanks for your interview and for your support to our band. Sorry for my horrible English ! Good luck to your webzine! Keep up the dark work ! Hails to all readers , if you think you have the spiritual understanding of underground you may contact us.  Bands and demo traders are welcome , Zines just ask for our promo package! THE GRACE OF OUR LORD SATAN BE WITH YOU ALL..... 

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Samsennai  Phayathai
Bangkok 10400 Thailand

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